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Est. 2015

We are the 1st 1-1 home tuition platform in Singapore which provides quality assurance to our clients through our tutor accreditation system and help students get the results they want

Since 2015, we have helped hundreds of students obtain their desired results and have successfully completed 1000 hours of lessons

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Experience a tuition like never before.

10,000+ Committed Tutors

Gain access to over 10,000 experienced and committed tutors on our platform.

We rigorously maintain and update our database to ensure the quality of our tutors.

Quality Guaranteed

We are the 1st tuition platform in Singapore to provide an aftercare support system.

Tutor’s progress are constantly monitored and evaluated in order to ensure long term lesson quality.

Ultra Convenience

Expect a high level of service standard from our passionate and well-trained team.

Simply tell us your requirements and leave everything to us!

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    1) Request a home tutor online or via phone

    2) Shortlist and interview suitable tutors

    3) Selected tutors will be recommended to you

    4) 1st lesson will begin after decision

  • ► 3rd Party Check & Balance

    1) Constant monitoring after successful match through internal reporting

    2) Summary reports be given to parents monthly for accountability and checking purposes

    The purpose is to make sure that tutors’ progress are constantly being monitored by a 3rd party in order to ensure long term quality while being accountable to our clients about lesson updates.

  • ► Review

    1) Review given to tutor at the end of every school term

    2) Tutor's service will be renewed based on past performance

    This will ensure that the tutors will constantly be evaluated and be expected to perform at the highest level.


What others are saying

Mrs Mak @ Clementi Street

Pass to B3 in 6 months (Higher Chinese)

"Bing Lian is a committed and helpful tutor and I am pleased with the matching service. I would like to use this agency again to look for another tutor."

Mrs Lee @ YewTee

C to A (Chinese)

"The tutor is very dedicated and motivating. So far there are no problems at all. The tutor meets my requirements and I would say that Dingle Tutors has made a good match for my daughter."

Mr Nirmal @ Admirity

C5 to A2 in 6 months (Science)

"My son feels the tutor Miss Sally can help clarify him doubts and explain the text clearly. The tutor is also well-versed in the subject and I am pleased with my son’s science results."